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January 1946 [Sep. 3rd, 2005|10:50 pm]
Classic Stars

Well I got to make that screen test with Gene Kelly. He's a terrific dancer (something we all already knew) - he's a perfectionist if I ever met though - and I have to admit, I'm so happy about that. I showed up wearing heels (about two inches high) so I was a good 5'11" then and Gene (who's 5'8") said, "The sonofabitch grew in Hawaii" to Arthur Freed. I said, "Mr. Kelly, I was wearing flats the last time yo usaw me. I often wear heels and when I dance I'm usually tip-toing about. I can't pilae the entire time we dance. You'd better get used to the height difference or work around it."
Gene: Why can't you?
me: Why can't I, what?
Gene: Pilae the whole time.
me: Well, it would look terribly awkward and I strive for perfection in my art. If you're going to make me look like a fool, we might as well call this off.
Gene: I like your spice, kid. We'll edge up the ballet a little bit, make it jazzy, then you can bend your knees a lot.

Well we proceeded into a six hour long rehearsal and finished with the screen test. One day of work, but it went smoothly. Gene incorporated a lot of moves in which I bent my knees, slightly awkward but I'm sure it works.

As I was walking through the lot back to my car, I felt a slight tug at my elbow. I looked around - no one. I looked down - Mickey Rooney. He had a big grin across his face, and he was staring eye level - which, needless to say, his eyes were not meeting mine. "You've got the damnest legs I've ever seen. Let me take a good look at those gems. Christ, they go on for miles. Are you a model or something?"
"No, Mr. Rooney. I'm a dancer."
"I should've known. You want to make a picture with me?"
"I don't know, Mr. Rooney. Do you think you could take a good look at my face to see if I'm film material?"
He looked up, I stood a good foot taler than him, but I've heard not to mention it directly to him or he'll o off like a firecracker.
"Yeah," he said. "Your face will do."
(Gee, thanks.)

I really must learn to dislike heels ... no one ever sees my face. Even old Arthur Freed can't tell you the color of my eyes and he was focusing the camera on the close up of my face. *sigh* I have noticed since then that the women on this lot do seem to all be so statuesque and just tower over the men. It bruises their egos so, but cie la ve, so they say.
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2005|12:48 pm]
Classic Stars

here you go Fred dear ;)

point - Ginger

Ginger - 1 / Fred - 0
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March 2, 1948 [Aug. 31st, 2005|07:19 pm]
Classic Stars

I'm so exhausted. Not only from last night which I spent with great friends: Tony, Fred & Phyl, Gene & Betsy, Greg & Greta, mom, my brother and his fiancee (he asked her on New Year's Eve, and this was their engagement party), and so many more. Starting the year off right, we're filming On An Island With You in a few weeks which will once again put me in the company of Esther Williams and Ricadro Montalban whom I acted with in Fiesta last year in Mexico. For this picture we're going to Key Biscayne in Florida - the film takes place in Hawaii. (Go figure...)
Jimmy Durante, Xavier Cugat, and Peter Lawford are rounding out this cast. The plot is, of course, nothing incredible - Easther plays Rosalind Reynolds, a swimming movie star (hmm, that's original...) who goes to Hawaii to make a film, taking along her fiance, Ricardo Montez (played by Ricardo, naturally). I play Yvonne Torro, Rosalind's best friend who secretly wants Ricardo for herself because she's in love with him. I'll be the brunette dancing in the front with a tall Mexican man - just so you know when to look for me ;)
Peter Lawford is playing the male lead; there's gossip on the lot about he and Lana Turner ... but that's beside the point of this entry I'm afraid. His character is an ex-pilot named Lawrence Kingsley who kidnaps Rosalind (so to speak) and takes her to a remote island so she will fall in love with him. It's all about how Esther and Peter, Ricardo and I will sort everything out so we end up together.
See? Not much to it.
They got us together for promotional shoots as soon as the costumes were made up. Here's the photos, folks: take me awayCollapse )
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question [Aug. 28th, 2005|11:37 am]
Classic Stars

When they made films back then did they shoot them and release them within the same year? Or did most of them (such as the musicals, but perhaps others) take longer - filmed one year and released the following year?

If anyone knows or has a pretty good idea at least that would help me out a lot. I understand the musicals took longer because they were have to be given the part, then go through rehearsals, and then film - but if anyone can give me a idea of a time frame I'd be ever so appreciative. (and my journal entries would be a lot better in this one when it's up and running, too.)

Sarah / aka: Cyd
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List of Characters [Aug. 26th, 2005|01:36 pm]
Classic Stars


Andrews, Julie
Astaire, Fred


Ball Lucille


Charisse, Cyd









Kelly, Grace













Wood, Natalie



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