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Classic Stars

[An RPG]

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Welcome to Classic Stars. This is an rpg [role playing game] where you can portray an actor of your choice that is not taken from 1945-1959. Below you will find resourceful links and information on the community. This community is fairly new so it is still under construction, but feel free to look and read through it, and if interested join!

1. Read the dislcaimer.

2. Establish your journal.

Make sure the celebrity is available: Check list of available characters. If you are in game and your name does not appear on the list please register here.

- Put http://www.geocities.com/classicstarsrpg as your home page
- Write some sort of disclaimer statement into your user information.

3. Go to this entry and register with your celebrity's name, and journal username.

Other communities affiliated with Classic Stars:

cs_suggest - You can suggest a star if they are not being currently played by someone else.

cs_welcome- Introduce yourself after being accepted into the commnity

cs_adoption- Adopt or put your star up for adoption

cs_aim- Love to chat? Then let the community know your AIM.

Registration Journal: Enter_CS


1. You may only post in cs_welcome after you have registered. To register click here.

2. Make sure the journal is not taken. You can refer here for a list of characters currently being played.

3. Please refrain from posting with your personal journals. We would like our identities as well as the members part of this community to remain annonymous.

4. When posting ooc (out of character) use [ ]

5. Once your character hits 5 weeks, you will be taken out of the official character list and someone else can step in and replace you.

6. If you have any personal problems with someone refrain from discussing it here, there is email for that.

7. Your journal must include at least one userpic of your star, so that other members will find it easier to recognize the person you are playing.